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  1. Scope of application 1.1. The application of these terms and conditions is a determining condition of the consent of Natural Company (BLANRY SPRL having established a head office on Avenue Adolphe Wansart, 5-1180 Brussels and registered with the ECB under number 0685.671.224)

1.2 All orders placed on the Natural Company website implies the full and unreserved acceptance of the buyer to these terms and conditions, even if he/she are in contradiction with his/her own general conditions. The buyer acknowledges to have read these terms and conditions before placing an order.

1.3 These terms and conditions may only be waived by a written agreement from Natural Company.

 1.4. Any derogation granted to these terms and conditions does not alter or invalidate in any way other clauses of these terms and conditions, which remain applicable.

1.5 Natural Company reserves the right to modify the prices of its products as well as these terms and conditions of sale at any time. Nevertheless, the terms and conditions applicable to the buyer’s order will be those available on the Natural Company website at the time the order is placed.

  1. Price. 2.1. All prices displayed on the website are indicated in euros, taxes and VAT included, excluding shipping or delivery (the amount may vary depending on the buyer’s choice). They are valid as long as supplies are available. Natural Company reserves the right to modify them at any time but agrees to apply the rates in force at the time the order was placed.

2.2. Lots of multiple items are not divisible into units.

2.3. Shipping fees are subject to a price billing cost, exclusively to the countries mentioned on the website or after prior agreement of Natural Company, according to the rates established by the Carrier and available on the Carrier’s website.

2.4. The products remain the property of Natural Company until full payment of the buyer is received.

  1. Payment. 3.1. Payment of the price and any delivery costs are to be paid in full for the order.

3.2. Payments are made exclusively through secure PayPal or Ogone services available from the Natural Company website.

  1. Order confirmation. 4.1. Natural Company reserves the right to refuse an order when it does not have the required information from the buyer.

4.2. Except in application of Article 9, the order is binding once complete payment of the price has been made. Upon order confirmation, the buyer receives a tracking number, allowing them to track the delivery of the order on the BPost website or any other carrier responsible for delivery.

4.3. The buyer acknowledges that

an order is always made subject to available stocks. In the event that all or part of the order is not immediately available, the buyer has the option for it to be delivered at a later date - at no additional cost - or to waive - without charge - to the part of the order that is not immediately available for delivery and will be subject to a refund.

  1. Quality of products sold and guarantees. 5.1 Natural Company sells eco-responsible healthy products, without guaranteeing that they are certified with organic labels.

5.2 In accordance with Articles 19 et seq. of Regulation (EC) no. 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30th November 2009 relating to cosmetic products and the Royal Decree of 17th July 2012 relating to cosmetic products, the buyer may, prior to placing an order, read directly on the Natural Company website, the essential characteristics of the products he/she wishes to order.

5.3 In accordance with Council Regulation (EC) no, 834/2007 of 28th June 2007 relating to the organic production and labelling of organic products, the buyer may, prior to placing an order, familiarise themselves directly on the Natural Company website (or on the producer’s website if this information is not included on the Natural Company website), with the essential characteristics of the food products sold by Natural Company and that would come from organic production.

5.4 The photos and text illustrating and describing the products on the Natural Company website are non-contractual and published for informational purposes only. Nature Company assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the photos or text on this website.

5.5 Natural Company assumes no responsibility for the validity of the contents of data sheets and descriptions of products from its supplies, producers, or manufacturers.

  1. Responsibility. 6.1. Natural Company guarantees the quality of its products and is liable in the vent of lack of conformity, hidden defects or harmful consequences, under the conditions provided for by the applicable mandatory legislation and the limits of these terms and conditions.

6.2. Any abnormal or unusual use of products by the buyer is made under the full responsibility of the buyer, excluding that of Natural Company.

6.3. The buyer will notify Natural Company in writing or any hidden defects or harmful consequences, within 3 days of discovery, under penalty of losing any claim. He/she must also be able to provide justification as to the reality of the claims made.

6.4. Natural Company will never be liable for compensation beyond the purchase price of the products in dispute. Nevertheless, the liability of Natural Company is limited to 1,000 EUR (and not at the price of the products in question) in the event of personal injury caused by such products.

6.5. Natural Company will never be liable for any damage caused by force majeure or a third party.

6.6. Natural Company is not liable for any damage which may be caused to the buyer by BPost or any other carrier of products to the buyer.

  1. Termination of the contract. 7.1. Subject to the provisions of Article 4.3 and in Article 8, the buyer is not allowed to cancel his/her order, except with the express and written agreement of Natural Company. In all circumstances, the agreement of Natural Company will be subject to a cancellation compensation payment, by the buyer, corresponding to 50% of the price of the cancelled order. However, if the order has not yet been prepared for shipment by Natural Company, at the time the buyer cancels the order, Natural Company agrees not to claim any compensation from the customer because of his/her cancellation.

7.2. The contract will terminate automatically, without formal notice or legal recourse, if the buyer still fails to meet of any of his/her obligations, or in case of bankruptcy, insolvency, beginning of an administration proceeding or cessation of activities from either party.

  1. Specific consumer rights. In the event that the buyer is a consumer within the meaning of the Belgian Code of Economic Law, he/she has specific rights and in particular the following rights:

- the order is only binding for the buyer once Natural Company confirms that they have received the order;

- the risks are transferred to the buyer at the time the order is placed with the carrier BPost or another carrier designated by the parties;

- when the order placed via the website is a contract concluded remotely, the buyer-consumer has a right of withdrawal which allows him/her to renounce his/her order, without penalty and without giving reasons, provided he/she informs Natural Company in writing before the expiry period of 14 days from the date possession of the good was made by the buyer or third party other than the designated carrier; if the products have already been delivered to the buyer, he/she will have to return the products in their original packaging (bottles still sealed) and at full risk and expense;

- if the products are not delivered within 30 days following the day of the order or within the agreed time, the consumer is entitled to terminate the contract after enjoining Natural Company to organise delivery within an additional period and provided that Natural Company has not made the delivery within this additional period and that this failure to deliver is not due force majeure or the actions of a third party (in particular the Post office or the carrier);

- if the delivered products do not conform to the contract, the consumer can demand that these products be replaced under conditions or Articles 1649A et seq. of the Belgian Civil Code, either by an identical product or a product of the same quality and equivalent price according to stock availability.

  1. Intellectual Property. The Natural Company website is an intellectual work protected by the Law of Intellectual Property. Every part which appears there, is the exclusive property of Natural Company, who are only entitled to use the rights of intellectual property and related personality rights. Any reproduction and/or full or partial representation, use, adaptation or modification of the Natural Company website or any of its constituent parts on any medium whatsoever, and in any form whatsoever, at any time whatsoever, for other purposes and in particular commercial purposes is expressly prohibited, exception with the express prior authorisation of Natural Company. The brands cited on the Natural Company website are also registered and protected trademarks.
  2. Disputes and applicable law. 10.1. Any dispute whatsoever must first be the subject of an attempt at amicable settlement, possibly by resorting to the services of an accredited mediator, before being submitted to the Courts and Tribunals. To this end, the dissatisfied buyer is obliged to send a complaint to Natural Company within 5 calendar days from the date of dissatisfaction, either by email to, or by post to Avenue Adolphe Wansart, 5-1180 Brussels (Belgium), or via the contact form on the website The buyer is required to keep the evidence.

10.2. In the event of a deferred payment agreement between parties, which can occur only in exceptional cases and with the express and prior consent of Natural Company, any claim or dispute relating to the invoice must be made in writing to Natural Company within 8 days of receipt, failure to do so will mean it will not be taken into account and the invoice will be considered to be accepted without any reservation.

10.3. Purchases made from Natural Company are subject to Belgian law and any dispute relating to the validity, interpretation and/or performance of a contract with Natural Company will be exclusively subject to the French courts of Brussels, unless a law of public order does not oppose it.

  1. Miscellaneous. Should one or more of the clauses of these terms and conditions be declared null and void or contrary to mandatory laws, this nullity would not affect the validity of the other clauses. Where applicable, the parties will negotiate to agree on one or more provisions that would achieve, as much as possible, the same objective as the void clause(s).