The best apps for a healthier life

Axelle Blanpain 
Lifestyle blogger & co-founder of Natural Company.

Chances are that, just like me, you always have your phone on you. Scrolling through instagram, checking our emails on the go or listening to our favorite Spotify playlist is a great part of our lives. Quite frankly, I can get pretty stresssed out whe I see my screen time at the end of the day!

But since my phone has made my life easier on so many levels, I thought that it was time to investiagte apps that help us life a more healthy and eco-friendly life. So here are my current favorites.




Inci Beauty has to be my new obsession. While it's only available in French (try Clean Beauty for a English alternative), I use it all the time.

The idea is simple. you scan the barcode of your beauty products and the apps lets you know about all the ingredients. So much better then checking the ingredients on the back of your products!

That being said, I wouldn't recommend checking the note only but instead going over the orange & red flags. One of my favorite product that we sell on Natural Company is the Dr Bronner hand sanitizer and while this is a great (organic) product, it got a low rating on the app. Upon further inspection, it's simply because it contains alcohol, which seems pretty obvious for a hand sanitizer, right! While I totally agree that alcohol should be kept at a minimum in your beauty routine, it's still a great way to sanitze your hands on the go!








I think that we are all trying to make healthier and smarter choices but it's not always that easy.

So whenever I am buying something new, I like to use My Food Traffic Lights app to check out the nutritional value.

First, you'll need to enter a few details about your height, your weight and your lifestyle. This allows the app to determine how many calories, fats or sodium you should aim for in a meal or in a whole day. While this won't ever replace a good, healthy and wholesome diet, it's so practical, especially when you're on the go!


I bet that you didn't expect to see a game in here, did you? Well, neither did I! 

Renaud and I have made a goal of starting (and maintaining) a compost in 2019. We have a few palettes in our garage so this will be a great DIY project as well as a fantastic way to reduce waste!

And upon researching compost apps, I came across Compost Challenge, a fun little game that teaches you more about composting.

While it is fun at any age, I think that this would be a great way to teach kids to recycle and compost more!


Too good to go is the latest app that I've downloaded but I am already in love!

The principle is simple: we all work together to reduce food waste. Restaurants, grocery stores and cafés in your area will sell mystery boxes that you can pick up at the end of the end. While you can't be sure of what will be inside, chances are that you will get incredible value for money!

I've been so suprised to see so many great places on the app that are within walking distance from our home and I am yet to have a bad experience!

The prices are incredible (an order is usually between 4 and 6 euros) and it's a great way to try out new things and change up your routine a bit!

Finally, my last app is another one in French (sorry but we're based in Belgium after all!)

Astuces écolo will help you to estimate your carbon footprint after a few simple questions about your living habits. 

While the results are scary (brace yourself), it then delivers great tips & tricks on how to reduce your impact on the planet really easily. With tips on how to reduce water consumption or food waste, I find it useful and easy to do!

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