How to look after your hair in summer

How to look after your hair in summer

Between the salt, the sun and the pool, our hair is taking a lot during summer. But with just a handful of easy tips, you can really protect it against everything and get gorgeous locks by the time back to school season rolls around!

Switch up your shampoo

During summer, the key to maintain beautiful, healthy hair is to switch up your usual shampoo for an organic, gentle formula. We love the Urtekram Rose Shampoo as it really cleanse the hair while leaving it nourished but never weighted down. Use it twice in a row to get the full effect.


Coconut oil is your best friend

Coconut oil is great to keep on hands int he kitchen... but also in the bathroom! Indeed, this all natural oil is great for your hair as well!

Simply warm a pea-sized amount of oil in your hair and apply from the ears down to the ends before going to bed.


Avoid the heat

Sure, we all love our blowdryers and flat irons but try to use them less and less during summer. Wash your hair in the morning and let it air dry naturally. Not only will it give you a beautiful, natural texture, it will also reduce the aggression on your hair therefore making it stronger and healthier. 


Use a spray conditioner

A good spray conditioner is your best ally in summer. Apply a few sprays when your hair is damp as it will help to detangle your hair while keeping it nicely hydrated.  

Get a trim 

If by the end of summer, your ends are not looking their best, book an appointment at your hairdresser and ask for a short trim. This will avoid further breakage and help your hair to grow longer. 

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