3 Easy ways to reduce waste

We all know how much single-use products and especially plastic, are contributing to pollution and waste around the globe. So here are 3 easy ways to reduce waste in your daily life. 

Say no to disposable cups

Many of us love our cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning but your daily latte might be causing more harm than good to the environment if you always take a disposable to-go cup from your favorite coffee shop! A quick fix would be to switch to a reusable cup such as the KeepCup. Not only does it keeps your beverage hot for longer, it also helps to reduce single-use cups AND most coffee shops give you a discount when you're bringing your own cup! 

Switch to reusable produce bags

When you think about it, using a plastic or paper bag to get your veg & fruits at the supermarket doesn't make sense at all as you're only using it for a couple of minutes before throwing it away once you've stocked up your fridge and pantry. A simple solution is to switch to reusable cotton bags to get your fresh produce but also any cereals, rice, or pasta that you can buy in bulk. All shops now accept them and you can easily wash them with your towels or sheets every week. And don't worry about them adding weight on the supermarket scale as they usually weight less than 10 grams! 


Replace plastic film with a reusable alternative

Plastic film is super convenient to store leftovers, cover bowls and pans and wrap up snacks but did you know that a great reusable alternative exists? Bee's Wrap is made with bee's wax and it's super easy to use and to clean! Say bye-bye to single-use plastic and make a change for the better with this eco-friendly and non-toxic alternative! 


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